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Miami Realty Photos is a local company dedicated to providing a high quality photographic service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In a very competitive market where images play an important role in marketing, our quality service is ready to meet and exceed all your expectations when promoting:

  • Residential properties (Real Estate).
  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Hotels and high luxury rentals.
  • Architectural projects.
  • Communities model homes.
  • Interior designer o remodeling projects.

We offer specialized photographic solutions for each of these niche markets. Each price is created and calculated according to your needs, purposes and importance. In any of these cases, if you need images that stand out, excite and get the public attention, Miami Realty Photos is your best option.

Real Estate Photographic Services

  • Real estate packages. Specially created for real estate agents that need stunning professional photography to promote their listings without broke your marketing budget. Pictures are professionally taken with the less equipment possible in a fast pace mode to disturb as little as possible the homeowners or tenants. Our photoshoot and processing technique is unique and our results are above and beyond our competitors. Pictures are delivered by Dropbox 2 business days after the photoshoot made.
    • Properties below 1,500 SqFt $249  (15 High resolution images).
    • Properties 1,501 to 3,500 SqFt $279 (30 High resolution images).
    • Properties 3,501 to 5,500 SqFt $299 (45 High resolution images).
    • Properties bigger than 5,500 SqFt –  Please call for a personalized quote.

Additional Photographic Services

  • Building amenities/common areas package. Areas such as pools, fitness center, lobby, basketball/tennis courts, spa, business center, beach access, etc. Up to high resolution 8 images $80
  • Club house photographic package. Areas such as pools, fitness center, basketball/tennis courts, spa, business center, etc. Up to 8 high resolution images $80
  • Neighborhood photographic extended package. Show your listing surrounding areas such as; malls, parks, schools, etc. $140.  (12 high resolution images). Additional images $20 each.
  • Mp4 Video Version for Instagram, facebook and Youtube made from images of property. $60 (1:30 minutes duration) To see sample click here: Video
  • Twilight/Night Photography. 6 high resolution images. $249. 
  • 360° Panorama Package. Add 8 (eight) 360° Panoramic images to cover each room of property.  $159. Only available when webpage is ordered. To see a sample please click here: Sample . Still images and Website not included.
  • Buildings and architectural photography projects. Please give us a call for a detailed quote.
  • Vacant lots up to one acre $219.  Price include 8 high resolution images. Larger areas/lots please call for a quote.
  • Images retouching or modification “Photoshop” starting at $40 per image. For complex retouching  please call for quote.

 For a personalized quote please send a detailed email to:

 Property/listing webpage $120

Property webpage. In this more and more visual world, nothing could be more amazing that have a dedicated and fully personalized webpage form your listing. This webpage will display all the property’s images and video in a very sober and professional design with colors that will match your own webpage and with its unique URL address, property geographic location map, school locator, neighborhood surrounding information, with the complete information of agent and property, company logo and your portrait. On top of that music background and printable flyer. This webpage for sure will be the best and principal marketing tool to promote your listing all over the internet, your social media, facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel, etc. Furthermore, a secondary unbranded webpage version will be generated so you can use it in the MLS. We will provide you a 24/7 access to your webpage through an agent control panel so you can add and change the property descriptions and information as many times as you want, add the MLS number, property description, listing status (just listed, just sold, under contract strips, etc). This webpage will be up and running for one year after published and optional renewals of $60 annually is available there after. Price of webpage does not include the price of the pictures or videos. To see a currently active webpage please click here:  $120 First year, $80 per additional year there after.

 For a personalized quote please send a detailed email to:

 High Luxury Rental/Airbnb/Vacation Homes

Condo Units

  • One Bedroom/Studio. Up to 15 images. $229
  • Two Bedrooms. Up to 20 images. $249
  • Three Bedrooms +. Up to 25 images. $279
  • Building’s amenities/common areas. $80

Homes and Villas

  • From 1,000 to 2,500 SQFT. Up to 25 images. $279
  • From 2,501 to 3,500 SQFT. Up to 45 images $299
  • More than 3,500 SQFT. Call for a personalized quote.

Additional Services:

  • Twilight/Night Photography. 6 high resolution images. $189. 
  • Traveling surcharge. $80 to $180 depending the distance. Call for details.

 For a personalized quote please send a detailed email to:

 Master Photographic Service

Prices starts at $599

  • Architectural projects.
  • Interior designer or remodeling projects.
  • Communities model homes.
  • Magazine style service. This is our top of the notch product where quality prevail over speed. In this photographic service, all the pictures are carefully taken with a mix of natural and soft indirect lighting technique and meticulously processed to obtain an impeccable and crispy magazine style image for web pages, magazines, books, catalogs or an important publications.

– 2 hours photo-session. Please call for details and a personalized quote.

 For a personalized quote please send a detailed email to: