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These are the most common questions we frequently received from clients. Please read them thoroughly.

Thank you very much.

  • Do I have to prepare the property for the photo shoot?   Yes, It is very important that the property is prepared in advance. There are many details that are imperceptible to the common eye that will exponentially appear on pictures, so please, do not underestimate this important step of the process. Showing the property like a “model home” will more than likely create a lot more prospect and potential buyers to your listing. As soon as you place your order we’ll send you a “Home Preparation Guide” by email. Please, print this document and give it to your client. It is imperative that they follow all the suggestions and tips and make sure everything is ready for the photo shoot.
  • Is the weather a big concern for the photo shoot?  Yes, Photographs taken on a cloudy or overcast day will look dull, flat, grayish and of course cloudy; especially exterior images and images where views from garden, terrace, patios, ocean, pool and city skyline is present through a window or glass door. Please be advised that if you decide to have your photo shoot regardless of the weather conditions, we will not be able to guarantee the final quality of the images. In addition to that, we won’t be able to take exterior photographs of the property or/and common areas if it is raining at the time of the photoshoot. A second visit for an exterior photo shooting is to be charged at $140 plus any traveling surcharge if applied.
  • What do I need to know if a need to reschedule or cancel my order.
    • Reschedules: All reschedules are welcome. However,  if the notice is received  30 minutes before the scheduled time or at the moment of the photoshoot, a $40 fee will be charged. Examples include but are not limited to: agent or homeowner not showing on time, building not grant access, wrong address, homeowner or tenant not answer, no power light on premises, dog or loosing pets on property, property not ready or prepared for photo shoot, etc. Please give as a call if you need to reschedule your photoshoot at (954) 709-8823.
    • Cancelations: All cancelation are full reimbursable unless the cancelation is made 30 minutes before the scheduled time or at the moment of the photoshoot. In that case, we will reimburse the total amount paid less a $40 last minute cancellation fee. Please give as a call if you need to cancel your photoshoot at (954) 709-8823.
  • Are the common areas of a building included on the packages?  No, exterior and common areas of buildings such as pools, beach, fitness center, spa, lobby and reception areas, restaurants, tennis courts, library, game rooms, ballrooms, etc, are not included in any of the packages we offer. To additionally cover those areas there is an upgrade “Common Area Package” available for $60 which will includes up to 8 images of the areas of your choice. Please make sure to notify our office in advance if you wish to add this upgrade, it will require an extra 30 minutes on the premisses, otherwise we wont be able photograph those areas.
    • Important information: Please, ask the building management or administration office what are the policies and/or requirements to take pictures of the building’s amenities. 90% of buildings require an advanced notification/permit to photograph on their amenities areas. All arrangements and permits are to be made by the agent who is requesting the service and its presence is required at all time while pictures are taken in the premisses.
  • Are commercial photography different from single family homes or condos? Yes, Commercial photography is more complex to capture than a condo or a single family home. Commercial structures, business shops, medical offices, warehouses, shopping plazas, etc.  require more planing and care to photograph specially if employees and customers are present.  In most of the cases,  additional lighting and equipments is used and extra time is always invested at the moment of the photoshoot and at the moment of editing/processing the images. Prices for commercial photography start at $199 for one hour photo-session. Please call for a personalized quote.
  • Are the Virtual Tour/webpage personalized?  Yes, all webpage are fully personalized with the property’s information, agent, company information and logo and a personalized URL  for one year. The price is $120 for one year. Additional year $60.
  • Can the pictures be downloaded to my computer?  Yes, you will be able to download all photographs in 4 different sizes (small, medium and print quality) and MLS size (1020×768 pixels)
  • How long does a photo shoot last? On average, a 1,600 sq ft apartment it would be 30 minutes, a 3,000 sq. ft. property with pool would be 50 minutes. It greatly depends on the size of the property, number of rooms, areas and special features of the property. Common areas will require an  additional 30-minutes.
  • What is the turnaround time for the service?  The turnaround time is usually  2 to 3 business days after the photo shoot is made. Commercial, Magazine-Style photography and special assignments, it’s usually takes 3 to 4 business days to the images be ready.
  • When can you do the photo shoot? We usually have availability within 2 to 3 days. It is important to note, here in south Florida, weather conditions from June to November tend to be sunnier in the morning and overcast or rainy in the afternoon therefore during this period most of the photo shoots are made only in the morning time making sometimes the waiting time longer. To schedule and appointment please click the following link Appointment request .  You can also call (954) 709-8823 Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or send your request to notice@miamirealtyphotos.com. We will let you know when would be the closest date to photoshoot your listing.
  • What do I need to do to place my first order?  You can call (954) 709-8823 Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for a personal enquire and availability or you can send your request to the following email: notice@miamirealtyphotos.com
  • Does the Virtual Tours have an expiration date? Yes, our Virtual Tours expire 12 months after the date of its creation. A $40 fee is required to maintain the VT active for 12 additional months.
  • When can I pay and what kind of payment do you accept?  We accept cash and checks at the moment of the photoshoot and debit or credit cards when your order is ready. After payment is processed, you will receive the links of your Virtual Tours (branded and unbranded) and the links for the download center and the agent control panel.
  • How would I know when the pictures are ready? You will receive a notification email with the invoice and links to make the payment. Once the payment is processed/received you will receive an email with your Virtual Tours (branded and unbranded) links and the access links for the download center and the agent control panel.
  • Can I add some images that I already have to the Virtual Tour?  Yes, we can add up to 10 additional images to your virtual tour at no cost. The conditions are:
    • They should meet the minimum size requirement of 1200x 800 pixels at 300 dpi on each image.
    • The images cannot be taken from the Internet because they are more than likely In other words, these images must be personal photographs and/or directly taken and provided by the agent. There is no additional cost for this service.
  • How are the prices calculated? The prices for all our services are calculated by the size of the properties. A larger house is more likely to have more rooms, amenities, and areas to be photographed. Also, more photographs represent more images for the office to process and edit afterward. Please check our price list session for more information.
  • Can I call your clients for reference?  Yes, there is a growing list of clients on our web page that are happy to give their reference for our services.
  • Do you do hotels, high luxury rentals, model homes, club house, country clubs, interior designer and remodeling projects, and architectural  photography?  Yes, please call our office for more information and personalized quote at (954) 709-8823.
  • I already have pictures of the property; can you build a Virtual Tour with those pictures?  Yes, please provide us  25 beautiful images of the property. Our company will enhance them and build the Virtual Tour at a fee of $140. This virtual tour will be up and running for 12 months.
    • Images requirements are:
      • Minimum required size of 1200x 800 pixels at 300 dpi on each image.
      •  You can send us images taken from another photographer with formal authorization.
      • You can send images taken by homeowner o by real estate agent who request this service.
      • Please, don’t send images taken form the Internet, they are 99% sure they are copyrighted by somebody else.
      •  There is no additional cost for this service.
    • Do you cover North Broward County?  Yes, there is an additional transportation surcharge of $40 for properties located between West/East Oakland Park Blvd and Deerfield Beach.
    • Do you cover south Miami Dade County?  Yes, there is an additional transportation surcharge of $40 for properties located south of SW 152nd St. and Homestead.
    • Do you cover West Palm Beach and Monroe County?  Yes, There may be an additional transportation surcharge according to the location to the property. Please contact our office representative for additional information.
    • What about the terms of use of the images? The photos are copyrighted by the photographer and are to be licensed only to the agent who requested the services and only after the agreed payment of the service is received. Use of the images without a full payment will be considered an infringement and violation of the copyright laws.
    • Who else can use these images? Any usage of the photos by a third party source, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by Fabio Ventresca, Miami Realty Photos.