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Miami Realty Photos, is a professional photography boutique company dedicated to perfection in each of the jobs or assignments  they receive. Nested in Broward County Florida, MRP has over 3,000 assignments successfully accomplished and has earned a niche in the demanding market of high quality images for real estate market, architects, hotels, vacation and high luxury rentals, general contractors and developers and interior designers who need high quality images for their websites, catalogs and magazines.


Fabio Ventresca

Founder/director. Fabio Ventresca is a recognized professional photographer with over 30 years experience. Born and raised in Venezuela, began to get involve in photography by the hand of his own father; an Italian photographer immigrated from Italy after Second World War. At very early age, their toys were cameras, flashes, and boxes of empty film rolls. At that time, his father began to teach and transfer all his knowledge and techniques acquired over many years. Their fate in photography was sealed by that time. Since young, Fabio had the opportunity to explore and work all fields of photography and create its own style. Combined with a management career, he toured many photography business in Venezuela. But a twist of fate make this successful photographer and businessman made roots in south Florida since 2003, and since then, has been dedicated to perfection and mature all his knowledge in architectural and real estate photography. His unique style excel many other photographers and can be appreciated in all the works he make.

Today, he is the founder and director of Miami Realty Photos, a professional real estate photography company that is committed to make all its projects a masterpiece. “We have devoted to capture and work the images for hundreds of clients: realtors, architects, hotels and high luxury rentals that need immaculate images of their projects. My dedication to detail and our efforts to get the best image possible on each assigment have make MRP one of the best photographic services company in south Florida. Our best reference is our long and growing list of active customers that we publish with pride”.