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Miami Realty Photos is a local company dedicated to provide high quality photographic service to real estate, hospitality, architectural and interior design market in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding counties. In a very competitive market where images play an important role when selling a property or a business, promoting your hotel rooms or showing your architectural or interior designer project, we excel to offer specialized photographic solutions for every of this market niche. Every package is created and its price calculated according its needs, purposes and importance.

For real estate agents, we have created packages with excellent quality images that we couple with a our top of the class Virtual Tour fully personalized page in a price range that will keep you within your marketing budget. For the high-end listings, hospitality, architectural and interior designer market we offer our best and more stunning photographic and image service “Magazine Style Photography” when the best of the best is required. So, if you are a real estate agent, a high luxury rental manager, an architect or an interior design professional that need images that thrill, Miami Realty Photos is your best choice. If you need more information please send us an email to

Realtors photography packages.  Specially created for real estate agents that need stunning professional photography to promote their listings without going out of your marketing budget. Our photoshoot and processing technique is unique and our results are above and beyond our competitors. On top of that, we’ll create a professional and sober fully personalized  Virtual Tour with the property and agent’s information, location map, school locator, a neighborhood information tool, music background, printable flyer, and the best of all, spectacular images of your listing that can be downloaded in 4 different sizes “MLS size included” to your computer. This is a fast paced photoshoot with the least possible equipment to avoid annoying the owners or tenants during the photoshoot. Our prices are calculated according the size of the property.

Pictures & Virtual Tour included.

  • Properties under 1,600 sq. ft. Up to 12 high resolution images.      $189
  • Properties 1,600 to 3,500 sq. ft.  Up to 25 high resolution images. $239
  • Properties 3,500 to 5,500 sq. ft.  Up to 35 high resolution images. $259
  • Properties 5,500 to 7,500 sq. ft.  Up to 45 high resolution images. $279
  • Properties 7,500 to 9,500 sq. ft.  Up to 55 high resolution images. $299
  • Properties 9,500 to 11,500 sq. ft. Up to 65 high resolution images. $329
  • Properties Bigger than 11,500 sq. ft. Please call for a quote.
  • Additional image added to your Virtual Tour $5.

Complementary products and services.

  •  Building amenities/common areas such as pool, fitness center, tenis court, Spa, beach access, etc. Up to 6 images $30. 
  • Community Country Club House areas such as pools, fitness center, basketball or tennis courts, business center, etc. Up to 6 images $30.
  • One full year of personalized URL/web address of your virtual tour. $45.
  • MP4 video version of your Virtual Tour to be used in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. $40.
  • Social Media package combo: Personalized URL + MP4 video version for $70.
  • 360° Panoramas for $60. (3 images)
  • Twilight/Night Photography (12 images) prices start at $199. 
  • Vacant lots up to one acre $169.  Price include 8 high resolution images. Larger areas/lots please call for a quote.
  • Images retouching or modification “Photoshop” starting at $30 per image. For complex retouching  please call for quote.
  • Digital staging, price varies between $100 to $125 each image depending the complexity of the staging.
  • Aerial photography. Call for a personalized quote.
  • Professional video productions. Call for a personalized quote.

Vacation rental. This is our less expensive package but an excellent option if you only new few stunning and crispy clear pictures from your vacation rentals or hotel rooms. Prices start at $179 for 8 high resolution images. Images are delivered via Dropbox 2 business days after the photoshoot. Additional images $5 each. For multiples properties are to be photograph in the same location some discounts apply, please contact us at (954) 709-8823 for a personalized quote. There is an extra $25 charge for exterior or communities common areas such pool,  fitness center, basketball or tennis courts, business center, beach access, etc.

Commercial business. This is a package designed to any commercial business that need profesional and stunning images for their webpage, catalogs, any printouts or to be used to list the business for sale and get the potential buyers you want. A set of 25 images are usually enough to show the potential of your Business shop, offices, warehouses, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, small office buildings, small industrial or manufacturer facilities, small shopping plazas, etc. Basic price start at $199 for one hour photo-session and 25 high resolution images. Please call for a personalized quote.

Magazine style photography. This is our top of the notch product. In this photographic service, all the pictures are carefully taken with a mix of natural and soft indirect lighting technique and meticulously processed to obtain an artistic and impeccable magazine style images.  Specially created for High-end listings, hotels, high luxury rental, model homes, country clubs, architectural and interior designer projects that need superior and professional images for their web pages or publications. In other words, this photographic service assure an impeccable, warm and classy photo style finishing to be used in all important marketing needs. Prices start at $399 for 2 hours photo-session. Please call for a personalized quote.

Other charges

  • Second visit fee. Our rate for a second visit exterior re-shoot only  is $100 + traveling surcharge if applied. A complete reshoot (interior-exterior) photo shoot will be billed as a new order.
  • Traveling surcharge. There will be a transportation surcharge of $60 for properties located between W. Oakland Park Blvd and Deerfield Beach. Also for properties located south of SW 152nd St. and Homestead. For properties located in West Palm Beach and Monroe County. Please contact our office representative for a personalized quote.
For a personalized quote please  send a detailed email to: